With five different aquatic exercise products,
SplashFit is taking hydrotherapy and fitness to a whole new level!

Hydrotherapy has been around for centuries, it is an excellent form of therapy to increase fitness and recover from an injuries. Exercise is preventative medical maintenance that can begin paying off immediately! Hydrotherapy utilises the principles of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics to create challenges that promote health through aquatic therapy exercises.

The benefits of aquatic exercises result from the water’s unique characteristics, including warmth that reduces pain and muscle spasm, buoyancy that decreases stress on joints, resistance to movement through turbulence / hydrostatic pressure, and the equal pressure applied to an immersed object at any given depth. The unique characteristics of exercising in water may allow people to perform exercises that they would otherwise be unable to perform on land.

SplashFit aqua exercise equipment is specifically designed for use in warm chlorinated pools as our equipment is manufactured from high grade 316 stainless steel.

The Aqua Bike, Elliptical, Walker, Horse Rider and Treadmill each have their own advantages, all providing a different form of movement whilst in the pool. In a hydrotherapy environment they are ideal for those with physical limitations and injuries as the water creates a natural buffer, meaning less stress on joints.

In an aquatic centre in a spin class the equipment can produce a greater challenge for clients wanting to get the most out of their exercise session as the faster they move the more water resistance they will generate, the Aqua Bike has a resistance adjuster so they can work those muscles even harder!